All industries, factories, hospitals consumes water for different uses like domestic, processing, washing, production, laboratory activities and various miscellaneous works resulting generation of waste water in the form of effluent or sewage which may result water pollution. The ministry of Environment and Forest has passed The Water (Prevention & Control Of Pollution) Act, 1974 under which all the above mentioned units have to acquire consent from Pollution Control Board to establish and operate their unit by ensuring proper treatment of their waste water.

Fresh Air has been also providing solutions for liquid waste management for different organisation for last eight years. Fresh Air has supplied and installed wide range of ETPs and STPs to various industries and hospitals in Assam, Sikkim, other NE states and Orissa.

Special Features of these plants
Treatment of high BOD and COD effluents,
Removal of colour of effluents from dyeing and textile industries
Treatment of effluents from food processing industries
Treatment of infectious hospital effluents
User friendly operations.
These ETPs and STPs can be widely used for residential building and flats.
Capacity range 1,500 litres to 10,000,00 litres per day.

Different ranges of Carbon Filters and Media Filters