1. North East India is a gifted area by the nature, which has come under immense pressure of human destruction. The organisation has the objective to work for conservation of existing forests, social forestry and other forest developmental activities, rehabilitate degraded forests and adjoining lands to increase their sustained productivity and also actively promote people’s participation.
  2. To operate in rural areas where intensity of deceases like malaria, typhoid etc. is higher. The organisation aims to work under its program called “Health Hygiene and Sanitation “ in these remote areas.
  3. Awareness on Waste, its impact on the Organisation and management are objectives of Fresh Air under which the organisation aims to educate people from different levels of the Organisation including students at the school and college level by organizing meetings, training programs accompanied by distributing different action components like –posters, banners, audio visual shows and other training materials.
  4. To encourage the local people by providing and supplying them necessary tools, equipment and trainings in the traditional handloom and taxtile field.
  5. To buildup workgroups to work for management of hazardous waste, to provide service to different hospitals and medical establishments for Management and Handling of Biomedical Waste, to provide service to different industries for safe management of their wastes without polluting the environment. This will be achieved by the organisation program of Wastes Management, which will create employment opportunities to unemployed youth of the region.
  6. Cleaner production by adopting cleaner technologies- Clean renewable and nonpolluting energy production is one of scope of work of Fresh Air, under which the ORGANISATION aims to provide alternative energy source to people in both rural and urban area, thereby minimizing the use of fire wood and proper and reuse of waste, etc.
  7. To work for the protection and control of pollution of the major rivers and lakes of the region which has already come under the pressure of industrial pollutants along with other human activities.
  8. To implement the organizations ‘Community development for better living hood’ and ‘Social forestry’ program in various areas in the north east region.